Though we cannot prove the logistics on how the following happened, Metal Edge interviewed Spineshank, Chimaira, and Ill Nino this past 4th of July, before all three were to play at LA's infamous Whiskey A Go least that is what Metal Edge online tells us! However, let's take a closer look: Spineshank - on July 4th they were traveling between Ozzfest shows on the 3rd and 5th of July - somewhere on the road in between Selma and Dallas, TX. Regardless, the interview is great! The whole band is present, and it takes place on the Spineshank tour bus...road stories are told...and of course Jonny finds a way to mention Motley Crue twice! Chimaira - Come July 4th, they were heading back to Cleveland after their past run with Spineshank and Ill Nino. Furthermore, this interview with Chimaira's vocalist Mark Hunter takes place on Spineshank's tour bus. Odd? Yes. Especially when you consider Spineshank were in Texas at this time...nonetheless, there is good to take from this piece - music inspiration, fond shows over the past tour, evolution of the Chimaira sound, and a shout out to you internet cats who have been following Chimaira over the years on the net. Ill Nino - On July 4th, Ill Nino played a show in Austin, TX with Hatebreed. Now, we do not claim to be driving experts, but playing shows in LA and Austin, TX in the same night don't make no sense (neither does using the double negative). Onward and upward...this interview features Ill Nino vocalist Cristian Machado, and drummer Dave will hear their take on this past tour with Spineshank and Chimaira, the band's background, and get confirmation that they are indeed based in New Jersey. So, after further probing, what have we learned? We have learned that these 3 interviews did indeed NOT take place on July 4th. What can we conclude? With all this talk about the interviews being done before the show at the Whiskey, we can safely say that all interviews were conducted on June 22nd - a date wherein Spineshank, Chimaira, and Ill Nino did play at LA's Whiskey A Go Go together. What is the moral of this story? These are 3 cool interviews, all three are video, and all three are worth the time to check out...All three can be found HERE at Metal Edge online. disclaimer - upon further investigation, the 'July 4th' date in question, the date which this whole story was based upon, is actually the date in which the interviews were added online, not the date the interviews were held...apologies for any confusion.