Our friends at www.rocknation.tv have unveiled their picks for the Top Albums of 2003, which you can view here. Much to our delight, a couple of Roadrunner bands took home honors. First, Type O Negative won the "We Are the Champions of the World" Award for Best Album of 2003 for their stellar Life is Killing Me. Chimaira's The Impossibility of Reason won the "Sophomore Jinx This!" Award for Best Follow-Up Album as well. But Roadrunner cares about the bands that have helped us get where we are today, so it's nice to see that Life of Agony won the award for "Well, Yes, We Are Ready to Rock" Best Live Album for River Runs Again. Any true Roadrunner nerd would know that that title references Life of Agony's debut River Runs Red which was released on...you guessed it...Roadrunner. But that's not all. Pro-Pain won the "We Don't Get Royalty Payments?!" Award for Best Cover Album for Run for Cover. Of course, Ill Nino's Dave Chavarri used to be in Pro-Pain, so congratulations to them too. And finally, Cradle of Filth--who are now beloved members of the Roadrunner family--were given an honorable mention for their album Damnation and a Day. Whew. Did you get all that? Good. Our congratulations go out to Type O Negative, Chimaira, Life of Agony, Pro-Pain, and Cradle of Filth. Here's to an even more successful 2004!