Well, you may know him as Ro...you may know him as 'the brownsatan'...you may know him as the fearless leader of our Road Crew...yes, all of the above are correct. Ro, the leader of Roadrunner's Road Crew was at the studio yesterday (07/16) where MetroChannel's The Daily Beat was shot - the same place where Ill Nino performed 2 songs and were interviewed. So, what was it like? The following are Ro's thoughts from the day: hey there boys and girls, So, I went to check out ILL NINO at their taping for the MetroChannel's Daily Beat. The one thing I dig about the Daily Beat and the MetroChannel is that they give small bands a cool vehicle for getting their music out to a new group of people. The Road Crew was on hand to make sure that all present got their fair share of RR samplers and stickers. The band played "God Save Us", which sounded incredible especially for being in such a small room. I thought it was gonna be all echoed, but it sounded perfect. The mix was great and the band were so into it, you'd think they were playing to a packed house. After they finished and the station had some done their own material (they're video contest was between STP's new song and...Aerosmith and Run DMC??! Lame...). They did a little interview segment with the band that was funny cuz all the members in the band are a bunch of characters. Throughout the show, Cris Machado made sure his presence was known by interrupting the segments to add his own comments. Good thing too, the show needed it and it went over great! Before the show ended, the band kicked out their last song "What Comes Around" and made me remember why I love Roadrunner Records so much. We really DO put out the best music out there. Fuck the cookie cutter shit! ILL NINO destroyed everything that the MetroChannel had to offer, now they're gonna do it to the world!!! Ro "the brownsatan" thanks go out to Ro for taking the time to write this...keep an eye out here on the site for Ill Nino video footage from yesterday's show.