As told, today (08/31) marks the close of the voting poll for the Dry Kill Logic Me + You = Nightmare contest. The winners are as follows: 14,860 votes were had in all. Winning the grand prize with 44% of the votes (winning one of all four of the autographed, framed Dry Kill Logic cd art) is Gilbert J. The three runner ups (each winning on piece of the autographed, framed art) are KansasNelly, Drucifer777, and Sepulfly1184. CONGRATULATIONS!!! As Dry Kill Logic just flew to the UK last night (08/30) for 10 dates abroad with Spineshank starting 09/01, they were unavailable for comment...but we are sure their heartiest congrats go out to you. interesting fact - this UK tour of Spineshank and Dry Kill Logic will be the 1st time both bands have ever played in Europe...all the best... And now, for your reading pleasure, the winning entries were as follows: Gilbert J - Me + U = Nightmare is the formula for the hate between two people. This is when you hate someone so much that you are not satisfied until the other is dead. Hate has over time become a way of life for you. You eat, sleep, think, feel and even smell the hate for this person. You have no emotions except anger. These symptoms are equal with both people. The result of this is constant nightmare. Eventually, one ends up killing the other, and then finds a new enemy and it starts all over. This disease will circulate until everybody is dead. This is called the "DRY KILL LOGIC" and death is it's only cure. KansasNelly - what ME+YOU=NIGTMARE means to me is that you might be with a person. Girlfriend, friend, or anything. And they probably don't get along and its a living nightmare, that it just won't work out, so its like ME+YOU=NIGHTMARE. Sometimes being with a person is a nightmare, you might think it's not, but when u get to know the person you probably realize it is. well this is what i think and i dont know if im right or wrong, either way. - Kansasnelly Drucifer777 - To me "ME + YOU = NIGHTMARE', is a warning. A warning of the connected violent thoughts which one person individually brings to mind. When combining it to the word "NIGHTMARE" it describes the further undescribable thoughts and sequencing of a plot which is so evil, sick, and twisted, that it cannot be put into words. You see unlike verbal threats or acts of aggresion, a nightmare rips away @ your soul. It's there when you sleep, it stays when your awake & most importantly it's like a dark secret which can't be let out, that slowly eats away at you. Thoughts which you can't share with anyone except that person of whom shares the though twith you. And finally the thought of what that person will do to you if they find that you're the one who they live to DESTROY!!!! Sepulfly1184 - I remember falling asleep and i wake up sitting in the field, it's very bright outside but its not hot, seems very cool, and i hear nothing but the small breeze, i turn my head around to see were i might be and i see nothing for miles but few trees and the tall dead grass around me swaying in the wind. i'm sitting there for what seemed like hours, so i shut my eyes to just not look at it all. then i hear this voice. i look and a little girl with blue cloths and blond hair motions me to come close so to her. i lean toward her and she whispers in my ear the word Satan, i look at her funny like 'what the hell?' and she turns and just skips away. And i fealt the most evil presence i ever had in my life. i woke up fuckin freaked out, and didn't go back to sleep.