Yesterday (03/08) Jerry Cantrell and company started rehearsing for the upcoming SXSW show in Austin, (don't mess with) Texas. Jerry's supporting cast on stage next Saturday night (03/16) will be three members from the band Comes From The Fall (William, Bevan, and Adam), along with Sean from the Pantera family. Jerry Cantrell hits the stage at midnight, and Anyone is slotted to play directly prior at 11:00pm. In other Cantrell news, the song "Anger Rising", from the upcoming Degredation Trip release (currently slotted for a 6/25 street date), is scheduled to hit the radio starting April 22nd. So you know, there are 'full on' tour plans for Jerry Cantrell being currently being solidified - a tour which would start around the first week in May, and most likely run through early July. More news to come on this as plans are fully confirmed.