Wow...over 10 months ago, Trivium shot a video for a track of their's called "Like Light To The Flies." All good things come in due time, this video is point in case - you can check it out in our VIDEO section now. Speaking of the video, it's bottled lightning. It's another storm coming from down south. Plus, it contains over 1.5 minutes of straight riff/solos somewhere in the middle of the piece. Enjoy. In other Trivium news, the band is still in Florida recording their Roadrunner debut, which is slated for an early 2005 release. The drums, both guitar rhythm tracks and bass tracks are complete. Next up, solos (again, we ask you to see above VIDEO) and vocals/screams. Oh, and for those of you that missed the US Road Rage tour this past summer (Machine Head, Chimaira, Trivium), you may just be getting your second chance to see Trivium live. The band is playing four dates with Fear Factory in November (see our TOUR section for details). Once again, enjoy the video.