As can be commonplace, band members in acts change. Even a band as fuckin' tight and talented as Anyone is not exempt from the rule. In what he expressed as being the hardest decision he has ever had to make, long standing Anyone drummer Nipples quit the band this past Wednesday due to personal commitments. With dates in Europe coming up at the end of this month, and a special closed performance in NYC the following week, the band started auditioning new drummers the very next day, Thanksgiving. Come Sunday (11/25), Anyone had already found their man. Though a few drummers were put through the ringer, in the end they didn't have to search far, as they luckily (or perhaps it was fate) got someone who has been in the Anyone family for fact, he has been living in the famed 'Anyone den' out in Huntington Beach for the past 2 + years...his name, Ransom. Anyone's A&R Rep Kevin Estrada simply and proudly states, "his name is Ransom and he is an incredible drummer." Ransom actually toured with Anyone earlier this year in Europe both as Nipples' drum tech and as the band's light tech. And obviously, from living with band members over the past couple years, the music is already ingrained in his life, and his lifestyle already is that of Anyone's. Kevin adds with confidence, "this drummer is the right choice". Riz Story, guitar/vocals, tells the following: "We are ecstatic with our new drummer "RANSOM" he is 23 years old and he is a fucking animal as you will soon see. He is from Huntington beach and has been my roommate for two and a half years. Amazingly he learned the entire ANYONE record in one rehearsal and the band is enjoying sounding better than ever. This guys musical prowess is astounding as you will soon see at the UK shows - myself, Static and Ransom can't wait to get over there and play for you all. Nipples has left the band on his own accord and it was a very amicable split. He has left to dedicate himself to other pursuits. We wish him well and thank him for 6 years of good times and good trips!!" See you all soon LOVE, STORY One more line Kevin offers up, about Anyone's upcoming performance in NYC - "I know that you will be blown away when you experience the ANYONE den live in New York!" Ya know what Kevin, we have full faith that we will... everything you've read is true