Chances are you already know what number one is, but AOL Radio Blog has given you nine other reasons on why Ratt rules in their Top 10 Ratt Songs list. The Sunset Strip luminaries have been known for their signature guitar-fueled, catchy, hook-laden brew of Ratt N' Roll that's been alive and well since 1983. And now in 2010 with the release of their brand new album Infestation, there's 11 more reasons to give credit where credit's due, but we'll let AOL's picks of iconic tracks like "Lay It Down" and "Slip of the Lip" among others do all the talking.

Writes AOL of the latter, "This strutting, insanely catchy tune from 1986's 'Dancing Undercover' suggests Ratt didn't get enough credit for their songwriting abilities. Their time at the top of the pop-metal heap may have been winding down as they released this song, but the band was definitely pushing themselves, and the result was more musically (if not lyrically) sophisticated material -- such as this song."

While the site reminisces that, "Playboy centerfold Marianne Gravatte took over as Ratt's album cover girl for 1985's 'Invasion of Your Privacy,' and also starred in the video for the album's first single ["Lay It Down"]. The clip starts at a birthday party, with a young version of lead singer Stephen Pearcy blowing out the candles on his birthday cake, wishing, apparently successfully, to be a rock star."

Check out the full Top 10 list right here and get your copy of the brand new album Infestation -- of which AOL's #10 track "Best of Me" is off of -- right here.