The new Theory Of A Deadman album, The Truth Is..., gets a solid 4 stars (out of 5) from today, and in the process, the reviewer asks a question that's been bugging us for some time:

"When did rock 'n' roll become humorless?"

Interestingly, the writer, Rick Florino, doesn't make the obvious argument (and, admittedly, the one we might have made). "Some might argue that the sense of humor was lost with the advent of grunge. However, that's not really the case. YouTube a couple of interviews with Kurt Cobain—he was sarcastic and utterly hilarious—or check out those old episodes of Headbangers Ball where Alice in Chains went to the water park and Soundgarden go bowling. Those dudes knew how to cut loose and have fun. Emo, screamo, post-hardcore or whatever the hell it's called on Facebook really killed that humor. The day the laughs in rock died were the day everyone became so self-important that social media stats and comments on Facebook pictures began to matter more than songwriting ability."

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