Trivium is wrapping up a string of sold out shows on their Ascendancy UK tour. Singer, Matt Heafy checked in with a little message for all the UK fans:
Thank you all so much, our first ever headlining tour has been off the fucking charts - amazing - the tour has been sick! holy shit! we can't express enough how much the support means to us and truly how much fun we have had. I don't even really know what to say other than - goddamn do the British know their metal. I'm talking great moshing, air guitar-ing solos, soccer chants "TRIVIUM" "TRIVIUM" "TRIVIUM" thrown in, great pits, meeting as many people as humanly possible - all of it - it's been rad. The crappy part about all of it... is that it's about to end, only 1 more show then the UK/Northern Ireland part of the ASCENDANCY TOUR comes to an end. We plan on being back in the UK/Northern Ireland in March of '06 and by the looks of it next March will be sicker than the ASCENDANCY Tour, can't wait!! Then we're off to Europe and back to reality supporting Arch Enemy and Soilwork in Europe, we are definitely looking forward to seeing our European friends - here we come. Then it is off to Japan - we can't wait to finally meet our Japanese friends and have some fun seeing what they are capable of - we have heard great things about the Japanese and their love of metal. Thanks again for all the kind thoughts, emails, comments and support - we'll see you soon. MKH
New photos have been put online in Trivium's photo gallery from the UK tour, which can be accessed by clicking here. Also, don't forget, you can watch an interview with the boys in Trivium on METAL Injection's Ozzfest special, which can be viewed here.