Coal Chamber is currently in the studio putting the final touches on what will be known as the Dark Days LP. "We're working in a very vibey place," tells Coal Chamber vocalist Dez Fafara. Not only Appetite For Destruction (Guns N Roses), but Girls, Girls, Girls (Motley Crue) and Core (Stone Temple Pilots) were all recorded where Dez is currently sitting as we speak over the phone - Rumbo Studios in Cali. His description of the studio includes the vision of a million lights twinkling, and hundreds of candles and lava lamps everywhere. "It's crazy, it's cool, I wish you could see it," Dez tells. His enthusiasm boils over to producer Ross Hogarth, "I've never worked with a producer like Ross Hogarth...someone who knows exactly what he wants, and gets it every time...and won't accept anything less than 130%." So, how are things going over at Rumbo now that the Dark Days recording is nearing completion? The following is a message from Dez, as spoken from the studio between takes on July 10, 2001: "We're making a rock n roll album. We've got 14 songs done - just adding guitar overdubs and vocals right now. Started vocals 3 days ago, and it's moving along at an intense pace. The songs are energetic, the whole album has a live feel. Lyrically it covers all the emotions that I've gone through in the last 2 years - which are pain, pain, and pain. I usually come in at 10:30 am, and after a couple cups of tea, start drinking wine about 11:30. Usually hit the mike around noon, work until 9:00 pm, then Meegs comes in for overdubs until 1:00 am. I prefer the afternoon hours for vocals because my energy is high, and weed and wine affect me strangely in the afternoon. Look forward to no less than 12 classic Coal Chamber tunes. With the help of our label and our new management, we look forward to a fall slaughter of all the crap that you've been fed the past year. Know that the band is working extremely hard on this critical record, and all the rumors about us are true - We're a true rock 'n' roll band. It was good to have the last 8 months of downtime to really realize who the fuck we are and what the fuck we are - and we'll follow through with that thought on Dark Days. -Dez Fafara 07/11/2001 ps - looking forward to playing shows. Can't wait to come to Chicago, LA, Texas, Washington, Phoenix, Atlanta, Pittsburgh (I love Pittsburgh dude), Seattle, Houston, New York, San Diego, Columbus, Las Vegas, Portland, Somerset, Charlotte, everywhere...can't wait to get back out there." the remaining schedule for the recording of the Dark Days LP is as follows - vocals and guitar overdubs will continue until Saturday (07/14), then there will be a 2 ½ week break from the studio. After that, 2 more weeks at Rumbo to finish up all that is left to record. Now, it is your turn. While speaking with Dez, he made it clear that he wants to hear your thoughts and answer your questions. With that in mind, we invite you to Ask Coal Chamber. Email your questions to [email protected]. Make sure to write "COAL CHAMBER" in the subject line of your email. First 20 GOOD questions will be sent to Dez for answers. Answers will then be posted here on the website.