August 29th, Nickelback will be stopping by the Roadrunner office here in NYC. According to the schedule (pronounced shed-ule), at approximately 2:00 in the afternoon bassist Mike Kroeger and drummer Ryan Vikedal will have a few open moments. During this time, we are going to shake them down for some answers, the answers to questions you have for the Nickelback rhythm section. Email your questions to [email protected], MAKE SURE TO TITLE YOUR EMAIL "NICKELBACK". Answers will be posted here on the site shortly after 08/29. Speaking of Nickelback, they are still in Germany, playing Frankfurt tonight (08/22). The video for their track "How You Remind Me" (basically, if you have a radio, you've heard this track) will be posted up here on the site shortly...perhaps this Friday??? Ya, perhaps, it's a good bet... Silver Side Up in stores September 11th