Tonight (09/17) Nickelback will be playing in the Nation's capital, Washington DC. Including tonight's show, they have but three dates left with 3 Doors Down on their current tour. After that, Nickelback heads out on their own to play a handful of radio shows and then headline dates, before heading over to Australia. (see TOUR section for full details) As of tomorrow (09/18), Nickelback's sophomore release Silver Side Up, featuring "How You Remind Me", will be have in stores for one full week. So, what are cats saying about it? Check out the following: "Aspiring songwriters take note. This is how you do it!" "Nickleback's second album delivers grande-size, Zeppelin-esque guitar anthems ("Hollywood," "Hangnail") and ragged pop ("Money Bought") tempered by the odd emotion-wracked power ballad ("How You Remind Me") that'll keep the Zippos busy come show time.",1107,2443,00.html Silver Side Up IN STORES NOW