Three generations of Roadrunner genius in ONE SHOT, all arguably currently making the best music in their respective careers to date. Max Cavalera - Max's 1st release with Roadrunner was 1989's Beneath The Remains from Sepultura. Max's next release will be the October 4th release of Dark Ages. In fact, check it out online at Robert Flynn - Robert's first release with Roadrunner was 1994's Burn My Eyes. And now? Machine Head's latest release - Through The Ashes Of Empires - was release just last year...if you haven't heard it, for shame (CLICK HERE to redeem yourself). Machine Head will also be releasing their first DVD later this year...and tomorrow (9/2) you will hear the latest music to come from the mind of Sir Robert Flynn, in the form of "The Dagger," a track from the upcoming Roadrunner United release. Matt Heafy - and Matt, his first release on Roadrunner was this year's Trivium debut on the label, Ascendancy (check it out online HERE). In fact, Trivium won the award for Best International Newcomer at this year's Kerrang! Awards, where the picture that started the reason for this update was taken. That being said, check out the photo one last time, three generations of Roadrunner genius in ONE SHOT, indeed.