Folks, as you should be well aware, Spineshank are currently on tour in support of their latest release The Height Of Callousness (the title coming from, as drummer Tommy puts it, "It's when you get to the point where you don't feel anything anymore, whatever it is that gets you to that point, things like anger, frustration & depression, when those feelings take over, that is The Height Of Callousness"). They are headlining dates across the US up until February 11th, at which point the hit the road with Mudvayne for a handful of dates before teaming up with Orgy starting Feb 20th and ending March 5th. After that? We'll see...Check TOUR DATES for all details. Us here in New York City got to see the band this past Tuesday (01/30) at the Bowery Ballroom, down in the Lower East Side part o' town. Late show (relatively speaking), as the band did not hit the stage until about 11:30pm...and on a school night no less! How dare they! Those of you that were there for the full night, cheers to you! For those that weren't? All I can say is that the band rocked...very energetic performance...check out Spineshank's PHOTO GALLERY for pics from the show...Hey Milton C! Yes you! I read your review of the show on our site here (IN THE PIT section), shoot us the photo of you and Jonny that you speak of and we'll throw it on the site. In the meantime, enjoy the photos we had taken...(thanks go out to Andy S, some of these live shots you see are his)