3 Inches of Blood is in the midst of a crusade, otherwise known as Ozzfest, spreading the gospel of heavy metal at its purest.

THURSDAY, AUGUST 23rd finds the band landing in BALTIMORE, MD for a battle of epic proportions. Before storming Rams Head Live, these brave warriors will appear at RECORD & TAPE TRADERS in the village of DUNDALK to greet their loyal followers and affix their signatures to their new music collection Fire Up the Blades, at 30 minutes past four o'clock in the afternoon. Come one, come all and bear witness to the glory of 3 Inches of Blood!

(In the "new" English) 3 Inches of Blood will be signing autographs for fans as well as copies of their new album Fire Up the Blades at Record & Tape Traders in Dundalk at 4:30pm on Thursday, August 23rd. Come out and meet the guys before they slay Baltimore at Rams Head Live later that night.

Record & Tape Traders
1409 Merritt Boulevard
Dundalk, MD 21222

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