Dream Theater keyboardist Jordan Rudess was recently interviewed by Metal Express Radio. During the conversation, he discusses how the band has moved on from the departure of founding drummer Mike Portnoy, saying, "when Mike left, it left four guys there — four all very capable, qualified musical people — that weren't really at the true capacity of what we all could do. Because Mike was a very controlling person in his role in the band. So it wasn't so much about us not being able to do something; it was about the way that the positioning of the band, it was just going in a certain way, and now that we're in this other phase, we're just excited because we get to pretty much continuing writing music the way we were, but we get to kind of say, 'OK, we're moving on, we're gonna do our thing and write the music.'"

He also talks about the writing process for the band's new CD, A Dramatic Turn of Events, saying, "We decided that it would be better — at this stage at least — for the existing writers to kind of make sure that we stay on course. Nothing against the way [new drummer] Mike Mangini writes music — I really don't even know how he does; he's probably great at it — but we just wanted to kind of stay clear on what John Petrucci and I knew that we could [do, which was to] just focus in, write this music and make it really great."

Here's the full audio of the interview:

A Dramatic Turn of Events will be in stores September 13; you can pre-order it from iTunes or Amazon, or purchase the deluxe boxed set version here. The band will be touring North America, with Trivium in support, beginning later this month. Visit our tour page to find a show near you.