Avalanche City mainman Dave Baxter was recently interviewed by diffuser.fm, and had a lot to say about the process of making his music solo, the "Love Love Love" video, the changing pop landscape, and much more.

Says Baxter, "I really wanted to sing and start my own project because I’ve been in bands all my life...and you’ll write a riff that’s really cool and someone won’t like it and it won’t get put into the song. Although it can be a really, really good process, it can also be a little bit frustrating."

Regarding the animated video for "Love Love Love," he says, "I love the idea of sailing and adventures so I was like, 'Let’s get two penguins and put them on an adventure and they can run into pirates. It’s going to be fun.' Josh Smith is a really talented animator and I was telling him my ideas for the story. I had all these crazy and outlandish ideas and he kind of chopped them down and put them on a clear path."

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Avalanche City's Love Love Love EP is available now on iTunes.