Dommin want YOU to help make their next video for the song "Closure" -- the latest track off their debut full length Love is Gone.

Writes the band from their site, "One thing that has really made a lasting impression on us is how this music has managed to touch people all over the world.  We can't tell you the number of letters, emails and conversations that have expressed gratitude for the music and have told us stories of personal hardship and strength.  And to commemorate this, we want to shoot a video for 'Closure' that features YOU and your story!

"On our final tour of 2010 this November, we will be shooting live footage of the song 'Closure' and capturing our moments with you to include in this video.  But even more importantly, we want YOU to SEND US YOUR VIDEOS and PHOTOS!  Closure is all about saying "farewell!" to all the things that bound you.  Some of you have said goodbye to addictions, bad habits, unhealthy relationships, girlfriends, boyfriends, husbands, wives, heinous memories, grief, sadness and pain.  We want to see your videos and photos expressing your 'Closure' to these things.  Be as creative as you can be."

Check out this video of frontman Kristofer Dommin and keyboardist Konstantine explaining what they're looking for:

Go to to submit your content.  The band will take whatever you can send: cell phone videos, HD videos, photos, animation, etc. A resolution of 720 x 480 is preferred, and the band urges that you please make your videos no longer than 7 seconds. Photos should be limited to 5 total. THE SUBMISSION DEADLINE IS DECEMBER 4,  2010.

Here are some more ideas:

1.  Submit a video of you singing along your favorite lyric from the song "Closure"

2.  Take video of you putting out a cigarette or pouring alcohol down the drain

3.  Take a video of you holding a sign or piece of paper with the name of the person, addiction, event or thing you are saying goodbye to (FIRST NAMES ONLY PLEASE), perhaps crumbling the paper.

4.  Take a video of you slamming your door shut, perhaps with the object of your closure written on paper and pinned to the door you slam shut.

5. Take a series of 5 photos or less showing you saying goodbye to something.  Just be sure to NAME YOUR PICTURE FILES CONSECUTIVELY UNDER YOUR NAME (i.e. ambersmith1.jpg, ambersmith2.jpg, ambersmith3.jpg) so that they stay together each time you upload a different photo.

6.  Send in a photo of a tattoo that might symbolize your strength over adversity.

7.  Submit a video of you waving goodbye or maybe screaming "goodbye!" at the camera.

8.  Submit a photo or video of you holding a sign that says "goodbye" in a different language.

There is no limit to what you might be able to imagine or put together.  We just have A FEW RULES:

1.  No photos or videos of people except for yourself.  Without their consent we cannot use their image

2.  If you are writing a name, please do NOT include anyone's last name.

3.  Please DO NO HARM to anyone or anything nor engage in any dangerous behaviors that might endanger anyone or anything when making your video or taking your photos for submission.

4.  Please be respectful of others and their property.

5.  Only submit ORIGINAL videos.  Please do not send in videos or photos that you do not own the rights to.

6. If submitting a video, please keep all videos under 7 seconds.


7. if submitting photos, please limit the number of photos to no more than 5 photos. 

PLEASE NAME YOUR PICTURE FILES CONSECUTIVELY UNDER YOUR NAME (i.e. ambersmith1.jpg, ambersmith2.jpg, ambersmith3.jpg)

"We are so excited to see what you will send in!  With the number of submissions we expect to receive, we cannot promise that yours will be used.  But we will do our best to use as many as we can fit and as many that make sense with the video.

"Thanks to everyone for their touching sentiments and for sharing their stories.  We may have been broken-hearted but we are united.  We are not victims.  We are living proof that we learn and grow and become better and stronger people from the struggles we face in our lives.  Dommin is growing.  I am growing and moving past those things that bound me.  I'm shutting the door.  I'm walking away.  On to bigger and better things and on to becoming a better individual!  I hope you will all take this journey with me.  Let's take our pain, take our past,take all those things that we allowed to have power over us and say "farewell!"  Let us make something beautiful."

-Kristofer Dommin