a message from the band... Hey everyone: Cliff here. Been a while since the last update... We've been home since May, writing the follow up to 'TDSON' in our NY studio. There's been lots of activity in the DKL camp in that time - first off, to confirm some of those wonderful internet rumors, the band has parted ways with Roadrunner Records. It's a shame that we couldn't be on the same page for the second record, but you know what? Whatever. We're moving forward with the new material (and it is KICK ASS - you will NOT be disappointed!), and those who dwell only get left behind. It is what it is, as someone once said... We also parted ways with guitarist Scott Thompson. The life of a musician isn't always easy, and Scott needed to make some decisions concerning his future. Ultimately, the band was not in those plans, so...we wish him all the best. As you can see, there's been a LOT going on in the DKL camp. You could say we've been...busy. BUT, there is positive news. Like I said before, THE NEW MUSIC IS KICK ASS! We have grown a lot over the last year and a half - the music is an evolution of the band as a whole. For the people that enjoyed the melodic side of DKL (Feel the Break, Track 13, Goodnight), there will be plenty of stuff for you to enjoy. For all those feeding off the anger (Rot, A Better Man Than Me, Pain) you WILL be taken to a new level. The music we write is who we are - no bullshit, ever. You'd see right through us, and we know that. As far as a new guitarist goes, enter Jason Bozzi. Formerly of the band Gargantua Soul out of New Haven CT, Jay is a proven veteran of the music scene. He's toured relentlessly with G-Soul and has performed with tons of bands like Soil, Rage Against the Machine & Hatebreed to name only a few. He's a tremendous performer, musician and human being, and brings a fire to this band not felt in a loooooooooooooong time. I can't tell you the last time we were this excited to write, record and perform and bring this f*cking built up insanity to all of you. We've been working non-stop on the songs and the show and we WILL be booking some shows in the upcoming months. It's been too long. Scrap 60 and DKL have been working our asses off as well on the recording of the new music. Eddie and Rob (Scrap 60) are great - they have been there for us since day one and we know that we share the same vision. We have 3 songs done with final mixes right now - 'This You Never', 'Hindsight' and 'Few & Far Between'. There are plenty of other songs in the pipeline just waiting to be recorded, and in the coming months we will be getting the music out to the industry. We will also post a track for you all as well (we'll let you know when this happens), and that brings me to my next point... Our official web site (www.drykilllogic.com) will probably have to go down for a few days due to 'administrative necessity'. In the meantime you should all check out www.psychodramarecords.com. This is our site too - we have tons of pics up, contests for COOL FREE SHIT (not just bogus crap), an address to send demos to the band, message board, etc - bookmark it and come back and visit our asses!!! Not sure exactly when this is going to happen as of yet, but be aware... ...and that is about it. Adversity not only builds character, it reveals character. No matter what happens, DKL is still a family, and I can't tell you how much you all mean to us. Reading all your emails and seeing that you guys haven't forgotten about us is humbling we have a lot of respect for you guys and take pride in building relationships with all of you. No matter what industry nonsense may occur we will ALWAYS be musicians growing and playing and writing and appreciating all of your support, kindness and well wishes. Remember: www.psychodramarecords.com, email us at the addresses on drykilllogic.com, and pass this message along to any DKL fan you think might appreciate the knowledge. It's only going up from here. I'm out like an Enron pension. You be cool now... -Cliff, Dave, Phil & Jason Dry Kill Logic