Killswitch Engage is on the road, the REVOLVER Magazine sponsored tour with Kittie, Poison The Well, and Shadows Fall. Earlier this week, KsE and company hit the Whiskey A Go Go in LA...and it goes like this: Before: The night before the show, we spoke with KsE frontman The Howard Jones. Outside of losing ten pounds since hitting the road (possibly stress induced, ponders The Howard Jones), he is having the time of his life. Roadrunner: Longest drive? The Howard Jones: I would say, somewhere like 10-12 hours. There have been some nights where we'd play a show, drive 12 hours, then have two hours before going on at the next club. Roadrunner: Have you guys played "The Element Of One" (Howard's favorite song) yet? The Howard Jones: Not yet, but soon. Soon. Roadrunner: Is that a threat? Ahh...all right, give five words on the best meal you've had on the road thus far. The Howard Jones: Probably at the Olive Garden. Roadrunner: Five words on the worst meal had on the road. The Howard Jones: It wasn't in me long. Roadrunner: That was quick...that's a good answer. The Howard Jones: No, that was bad. Roadrunner: The Whiskey A Go Go. Excited? The Howard Jones: C'mon, there's history there. It's like the CB's (CBGB's, on the Bowery in NYC, where the Ramones first played) of the west coast. Roadrunner: Five words on the Whiskey. The Howard Jones: It's going to be crowded. Roadrunner: C'mon, you can do better than that. The Howard Jones: Who thought of that name? Roadrunner: That's more like it. After: So, how did things go that night at the Whiskey? Reports tell the show was completely sold were being turned away...complete mayhem..."the place erupted, and this was LA," tells one unidentified source (that being a crack at LA and their usual embrace - for lack thereof - of metal). Oh, and twice during the night, a "Killswich, Killswich, Killswich" chant occurred. True. We have video footage to prove, and look to get some of it up on the site soon. In closing... Roadrunner: Howard, you have four days until the next show. What are you gonna do? The Howard Jones: I'm going to Disneyland. (said with the utmost enthusiasm) Roadrunner: Joking? The Howard Jones: It just might happen... outside of Disneyland, check our TOUR section for where you can see The Howard Jones and Killswitch Engage next...Alive Or Just Breathing in stores now