Ill Nino is back in the US after touring Europe on the Roadrage tour with Chimaira and fact, Ill Nino is one week away from heading back out on the road - some headline dates, some Godsmack dates, and some holiday shows (see TOUR). But, before moving forward, we look back. In particular, Ill Nino's favorite bus moments from Roadrage 2003 (as compiled by Cristian & Laz). Ill Nino's Top Ten Tour Bus Moments Roadrage 2003 1. Ali G movies & shows. 2. Watching DVDs in my mini DVD player 3. The dream I had of our bus driver driving the bus into a lake. 4. Our bus driver driving, tying his shoes, and reading.. AT THE SAME TIME. 5. Our bus driver driving the bus like it's a Ferrari. 6. Me, shagging in other people's bunks. 7. The snoring concerts (every night). 8. "This is shite". 9. The unforgettable smell of the tour bus toilet. 10. Club Rat (every night).