Happy New Year. And how did you spend your night ringing in the New Year? Don't feel bad if you spent it at home, New Year's Eve is somewhat of a night filled with hype undeserved...a night for the amateurs, if you will. Example, do you enjoy going to overcrowded bars, paying more than usual, and not being able to get a drink? If so, than perhaps New Year's Eve is a night for you... If not, you are smart. Speaking of smart, Chimaira. Chimaira wrapped up their most recent US tour run the 12/30...the eve of New Year's eve. Smart. Next up, Europe. Chimaira will start a month long tour of Europe come 2/2 in the UK. But wait, yes, the point of this update. Chimaira got tagged as the 'Best Band Of The Year' on EastCoastRomper.com. To quote the website, "This is a band that strays away from the typical trend setting commercial music and keeps putting records out that make your ears bleed and makes it known that Metal is alive and kicking in 2003. The Impossibility Of Reason has everything from dark and chilling sentiments to full on brutal moments... Here they stand loud, proud and METAL." For more info, check out www.eastcoastromper.com. And, check out THIS LINK for Roadrunner's top picks from 2003.