Listen up, Canadians! Stone Sour have agreed to perform at Power 97 in January while in Winnipeg, MB. The auction to see the band perform takes place TODAY (see below for details) and the raised funds will be going to a regional hospital for sick children.

"Claim our next Studio 97 presents as your very own! Play god, and decide who comes down (up to 50 people!) to bear witness to a live and exclusive Studio 97 performance with Stone Sour, Saturday, January 13th, in the basement of the big rock station. We'll get you some grub, some bevvies, maybe even some schwag!

My Studio 97 (with Stone Sour!)
TODAY, Friday, December 15th 3pm - 4pm
Bidding begins (TODAY) Friday, December 15th at 3pm"

Watch the video for "30/30-150" on Stone Sour's official ECARD.