It was previously written that Slipknot vocalist Corey Taylor hit the studio on his own to record a track titled "Bother", a track for possible inclusion on the upcoming Spiderman soundtrack. So, how did all this go down? Words from Corey Taylor are as follows: "I've been trying to get on this soundtrack for a year. Anyone who knows me knows I am the biggest Spiderman freak of all time! I started putting the word out and said I'd do a song with someone else just to be on that soundtrack, that's how much it meant to me. I've been waiting since 1993 for this movie to come out and I had this song called 'Bother', which is me and an acoustic guitar. "Last year I was like, 'Fuck it, I'll record it'. If nothing else it'd be just for me to have on record. So I recorded this song, sent it to my manager, he heard it and was like, 'Holy shit' and he took it to the girl who was putting the soundtrack together. She flipped, and so automatically I'm flying to LA to record this song and it was weird. It was the first time I've ever been in the studio doing anything by myself and on a professional level. It came out really good. This is a song I wrote seven years ago so I'm pretty happy with it." So just what is this track "Bother" all about? Spiderman soundtrack, also featuring Chad Kroeger doing a song apart from Nickelback - "Hero" - in stores come the end of this month. April 30th, to be exact. The movie itself, featuring the ever lovely Kirsten Dunst, in theaters three days later on May 3rd. above Corey Taylor quote courtesy of