This week, our Classic Video of the Week comes from New York's own Biohazard—it's "Shades of Grey," from 1992's Urban Discipline. Really, we could have picked either one of the clips from this album, "Shades" or "Punishment," but we went with "Shades" because of Billy Graziadei's missing front tooth and the shot of him stage-diving with guitar in hand. Frankly, if a dude comes flying off the stage, guitar in hand, you want to get the hell out of that dude's way. Also, don't worry: Even though he briefly wears a hat reading "Pervert," foreshadowing his later career in porn, Evan Seinfeld keeps his pants (if not his shirt) on for the entire video. Enjoy!

Stream Urban Discipline below, or buy it in the Roadrunner webstore (paired with their 1997 live album No Holds Barred):