Roadrunner Records premiere A&R and demo submission portal SignMeTo Roadrunner Records released their first ever best of sampler which includes 14 unsigned bands featured on the site. The sampler highlights site/staff favorites and spans over multiple genres including rock, metal, grindcore and the truly unique. Every weeks Roadrunner Records will feature two artists from the sampler. Today we would like to feature Oklahoma natives Bipolar Echo.

The female fronted quintet is a modern rock band, fusing anthemic melodic hard rock and metal. Their featured track, "What I Thought" has been a staff/fan favorite at SignMeTo Roadrunner Records. Check out the video for the track and be sure to head to SignMeTo Roadrunner Records Sampler Giveaway to download the sampler for FREE!

Check out the other artists who are included on the Best of SignMeTo Roadrunner Records Sampler.
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