Since early this afternoon, Thornley has been stationed outside the Webster Theatre in Hartford, CT, where tonight's show (7/21) is to happen. Tonight marks the band's first show on this tour run with Finger Eleven, which will run thru mid-August. Check our TOUR section for all upcoming Thornley dates, and catch a show on this run for yourself. In other Thornley news, as the first day of the above mentioned tour was canceled, outside of raising hell and kicking ass, the band went out and caught a showing of the movie Dodgeball. And they rave about this epic....In Canada, a video was shot for the title track from the Come Again release, and early word is that it is turning out great...Ian now has blond hair...bassist Worm is all about Peavey these days...and last, but certainly not least, rumor has it that today is Ian's birthday. Happy Birthday. Thornley Come Again in stores now