Greetings to all ouf our BSC family and friends all over the world!! This message is to you, from the band. We are about to embark on making a music video for our next single in Europe, "Things My Father Said". This song means A LOT to our band and we understand that is has also touched people's hearts across the globe as well. This is a special song that since day 1 we've handled with extreme care, as it is a very emotional subject. However, while this song is extremely emotional, it is also uplifting and inspirational and we hope people who have lost a loved one will find peace within and for those of you that still have their loved ones will appreciate their time with them now.
Because this video has not only been an important song to Black Stone Cherry, we want to include YOU in this video as well.
We would like to ask anyone who has unfortunately lost their Father to send a scanned photo of themselves holding a photo of their Father as well as a high resolution copy of the original photo. Feel free to look how you feel in the photo as well. You can smile, cry, have a plain expression..however you feel is what we want. True emotion. Not planned or contrived. If you could send us this photo ASAP (as we are shooting the video in a little over a week) to the e-mail address below and include your name, your Father's name, and your place of origin, we would be honored to use it in our new video. Please understand that we will not be able to use EVERY photo, but will certainly try to include each and every one we can.
We want this video to be a tribute to not only people's Father's around the world, but everyone's families. Life goes by too short, and you need to say what you feel while the oppurtunity is here. This video is not Hollywood, it's not scripted. It will be REAL emotion, REAL love, REAL feeling, and REAL inspiration. Again, please send us your photos (at your own will) and we'd be honored to use them as we love and respect our family and friends (we don't use the term fans) all over the world. Our fans are our family and this video will not be complete without your touch.
Thank you all very much and God Bless!!

Ben, Chris, Jon, and John Fred

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