Black Stone Cherry frontman Chris Robertson was recently interviewed by Aaron Willschick of In their conversation, Robertson discusses the band's latest album Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, their touring plans (they're currently out on the road with Alter Bridge), and much more.

Between the Devil... was produced by Howard Benson; says Robertson about that, "That was something brought up by our label and management because they had records with him in the past that had worked well commercially and everything, and at first we didn't really want to do it, you know. We went and met with Howard, and we were still kind of unsure, and then we just kind of said, you know, to hell with it, if it works, great, if not it's the label who were the ones who wanted us to do it. But you know we went out there man and it was probably the best thing for us, we were out of our element recording away from the south and going out there just the four of us for the first time ever, just the four of us in a room with a producer and some engineers, not having our families there with us watching over the whole thing… It was good for us man, we actually finally got to do a record just the four of us with a producer and it turned out great, we’re very pleased with the way everything has worked out."

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea is out now; you can order it from Amazon or iTunes, or listen to it on Spotify.