In-studio updates from the Black Stone Cherry boys themselves on location in Nashville, TN:

"Hello everyone! We're sitting here in the control room of studio A at the beautiful Blackbird Studios in Nashville, TN! We're finished with all the tracks for the we're on to over-dubs, etc..AND..a little psychedelic organ right now! Deep Purple baby! Haha!
We've been here a week now and have gotten a lot done with plenty more still to go!
The songs are incredible and you all are gonna love 'em!! We've really been able to expand this time and working with Bob Marlette has been great. He totally understands us as a band and individuals!
We should have some in studio photos and video up keep lookin' for that as well as many more studio updates from us!! This past week we got some good snow and we all went up to the roof of the studio and it was totally awesome to watch the snow come down in the street lights from up high! We've got such a cool vibe goin' on here with the candles and Nag Champa incense burnin' and Toby the dog runnin' around as well as a great team workin' on this album with us!
It's almost like we've got the vibe of the Practice House here with us! We can't wait for you all to hear this album and we are lookin' forward to seeing you all this Spring/Summer on the road again!!
Much love from BLACK STONE CHERRY...right here in Music City, TN!!"

Stay tuned for more updates to come!

Also, check out the new in-studio photo gallery here - more pics to be added soon!