It's time to bring another Stone Sour track into the mix. So, of the 14 tracks which will appear on the Stone Sour debut, which one have we chosen? "Blotter." What will be track #4 on the Stone Sour release, you can now find an MP3 download of the song "Blotter" in our MUSIC section. Why "Blotter"? To be honest, it was between that or "Orchids", both tracks which appear on the Stone Sour promotional metal radio sampler. Amy, our resident Queen Of Metal, made the decision to go with "Blotter" over "Orchids." Yes, though she does admit that "Orchids" is the heavier song, there is something within the texture of "Blotter" which made her sway the one way. However, when asked if that meant she liked the one song better than the other, Amy retorted, "that's like asking me which is my favorite kid." Hmmmmm....for the record, Amy has no kids... Enjoy the song. Interesting Fact: A few months back, in a casual atmosphere, someone asked Jerry Cantrell which album of his is the one he likes best. Jerry answered, "that's like asking me which is my favorite kid." Well put...for the record, Jerry has no kids... Stone Sour self titled debut in stores 8/27, debut video "Get Inside" online this Friday (7/26)