"Is there a better 'name check' these days than Opeth?" asks Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles at the start of their review on the Swedish prog band's career-spanning 20th anniversary DVD set In Live Concert at Royal Albert Hall. "These 16 songs, two CDs (and a live DVD) worth of the Swede’s depressive service," continues the site, "includes a pair off the Orchid debut (yes!), and 'Advent' off the Morningrise follow-up. Nice to see one track from Still Life (my personal fave): ‘The Moor’, yet almost everything else is lifted from releases prior to the dawn of this decade. In fact, other than ‘The Watershed’, there’s just one track each from the discs backtracking to ’01. That said, clean voiced, or gruff intonation, guitar playing frontman Mikael 'I’m Not Worthy' Åkerfeldt is the least 'rock star' individual you’re ever likely to meet and as such, everyone should be impelled to buy (some of) his (musical) output."

We couldn't agree more! Watch a clip of Mikael discussing the celebratory performance at London's famed Royal Albert Hall immortalized on the band's new live DVD below, and get your copy of the stunning set in any of it's various packages, including a vinyl box set, at this location.