So, it's no secret that Roadrunner Records is an international company with offices across the globe. Well, this week we have the pleasure of hosting Roadrunner Japan A&R Rep Kaori here in New York for the week (speaking of which, check back for a WILDCARD special on Roadrunner Japan to come shortly). Anyway, back to the lesson at hand - Ever wonder why all our foreign releases (those outside the US) contain more music, special packaging, stickers, etc. than what we release here in the US? Hmmm? (note, this is not just Roadrunner, this happens with all record labels across the board) The answer is simple, abroad they must add these extras to fight the US imports undercutting their local markets. Oh, and as one person here said, also to "fight black market crap that comes in from Hong Kong and other places. Cd's where you're lucky if you can see the graphics!" As Kaori tells, in Japan you can buy the US import of a cd for around $15, but the local Japan release of that same cd will cost $25. Hence, they must add the extras in order to give people a reason to buy the local release. Ahhhhh... Take that to your economics class and brag... See, ya learn something new everyday.