Black Stone Cherry drummer John Fred Young was interviewed by USC's Daily Trojan recently (the band will play L.A.'s Greek Theater this weekend). He talks about a variety of subjects, including the pressure they felt to break on radio with their latest album, Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea; their relationship with fans; the difference between their US and European audiences; and much more.

"The fans in Europe and UK rock because they’ve had the rock festival circuit for so many years," says Young. "Sometimes fans in the US look left and right and ask 'Can we have a good time?' But still, I think the US is catching up."

He also tells a story of a particularly moving interaction with a fan: "Recently, I got a letter from a fan back home saying 'I haven't talked to my dad for probably eight years. And if I hadn't heard your songs, I would have never talked to my dad'...It's something that means more to my heart. It means more than selling eight million records or even getting a Grammy."

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Black Stone Cherry's Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea is available now in the band's webstore.