Black Stone Cherry drummer John Fred Young was recently interviewed by, during their short "Southern Hospitality Tour" of the UK. Each night, the band played fan favorites and participated in Q&A segments; they also performed the song "Me and Mary Jane," which will appear on their upcoming fourth studio album, Magic Mountain, due out in May.

John Fred recalls the band's headlining gig on the second stage of the Download Festival in 2013, saying, "I remember our management sent us an email in January 2013 saying there’s an offer to headline Download but we don’t think you should do it. I got to that point in the email, called them and said ‘here’s the deal, we’re doing the show, book it!’ We flew in and I didn’t sleep a wink on the plane. I was so tired. We got over there to the stage, I lay down in our trailer. We had eleven guys laying on the floor in this trailer. It was crazy. That show was probably one of the best shows we’ve played in our lives, it was incredible."

Regarding the making of Magic Mountain, he says, "Making this record we had an open mind, we’re gonna make the best songs we can. We’re not gonna get in the studio and have a producer try to make us, you know, cut, paste, glue. The last record...our label guy at the time wanted us to make a record that was accessible for radio listeners in America, radio is the big deal over there...With this record there’s been a shift in the label and we were allowed to be left alone to create Black Stone Cherry. Our producer Joe Barresi, he was great, so instrumental in allowing us to be ourselves. He came down to our farm with us, he got it man. All these vintage guitar pedals, stuff you can’t even find anymore. The songs, they’re wild, free spirited, American rock and roll lyrics. I think our fans will appreciate it too. We didn’t want to make a record that will get us ‘5 minute fans’. We have our fans, they love us, we love them. We’re gonna make sure that they’re happy."

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Black Stone Cherry will be on tour in North America this spring—find a show near you!