Black Stone Cherry's fourth album, Magic Mountain, is available for pre-order now! Get it on iTunes and you'll get the first two songs, "Me and Mary Jane" and "Fiesta del Fuego," right now! Check "Fiesta del Fuego" out above!

You can also pre-order Magic Mountain from the band's webstore; the first 50 orders will receive an autographed copy of the album!

Black Stone Cherry says of the new album, which was produced by Joe Barresi, "Not since before our first album have we felt the freedom and confidence that we felt while writing and recording this album. After touring the world behind three previous albums that we are extremely proud of, we feel this album best captures the live energy, honesty and vibe that encompasses our true musicianship." In December, guitarist Ben Wells told us in an exclusive interview, "We’re the type of band where we’re open-minded, but we’re also very protective of our songs and the sound of the record. Joe understood—[he's not] a guy who’s like, 'Well, I’ve had success doing it this way,' and makes you sound like every other band out there. So it was awesome to work with Joe—he was such a cool guy. He’s done Tool, he did the last SoundgardenQueens of the Stone Age…he’s also a really great old school guy, he loves all those classic bands that had great guitar sounds and drum sounds and were about riffs, and everybody standing out on an album versus making a lead singer out of 'em. That’s just not the kind of band we are, so working with him, that’s really the type of stuff we prefer doing. I know every band talks up their newest album, but I really can’t say enough good things about this one."

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Black Stone Cherry
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