Black Stone Cherry's Ben Wells stopped dropped an email about hanging out in Las Vegas with music giants and how the law of supply and demand doesn't always work while putting on a rock show...

"The other night in Las Vegas, we got to hang with Chad Kroeger, Billy Gibbons, Kid Rock and Shooter Jennings behind the House of Blues...We talked to Chad about how we are lovin' tourin' and Billy Gibbons was great man! It was awesome to meet him (ZZ Top is such an influence) and Kid Rock was just raving about us! So it was a fun night had by all! Tour is goin' great! Sellin' out of CDs on the road...we don't have any now and the past two nights ppl were really askin' for 'em...but we're out here kickin' ass bro!"

If you can't find Black Stone Cherry at a SHOW near you, you can always find them on your favorite online music store, including iTunes, which is carrying the band's Hell And High Water EP.