Black Stone Cherry drummer John Fred Young was interviewed by Loudwire recently. He talks about a variety of subjects, including the lengthy writing and recording process behind their latest CD, Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea; going to California to work with producer Howard Benson; his feelings about the military, as depicted in the band's video for "In My Blood"; and much more.

Says Young, "We were home for all of 2010 writing and we hadn’t been home for like five years for that length of time, it was definitely different for us. Three out of four of us still live at home with our parents (because we’re losers) and we definitely had to get used to that whole scenario of not being on a tour bus and not just being able to throw our clothes everywhere or just a leave a hotel room behind."

They weren't originally too happy about working with producer Benson, according to Young. " I remember we pulled up to the studio to meet with him in California. We pulled up in our little rental all cramped up and we parked in his spot. He had someone come in and ask us if we could move so he could park his Beamer in his spot right next to the door so immediately we thought, 'This dude’s a prick. We don’t want to work with him.' The label really wanted us to work with him so we did. We went to the rehearsal studio and we got to hang with Howard and we really hit it off with him right off the bat and became good buddies and formed a personal friendship after the first couple of days."

Regarding the "In My Blood" video (which you can see below), Young says, "I think [soldiers] make the biggest sacrifices out of anybody. We wanted to show a job that took the most sacrifice, and that was it. I can’t think of one that’s even comparable, ours is a grain of sand. We get homesick but these guys are giving up everything to protect our country and the freedom of our people. It’s a nice reminder that these guys are out there doing it and they don’t have to, they choose to."

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