Upon sitting down with Marketing Matt this afternoon, the following was learned: 1 - Somewhere in LA, sometime in the next couple weeks, Slipknot will be taking a couple days to shoot a video for the track off the upcoming IOWA releases titled "Left Behind". Details are being kept under wraps for the time being. 2 - There may be someone filming the filming of the "Left Behind" video. The higher purpose for this? Let's just say that footage just might pops its head somewhere else in the future... 3 - There is currently a poster being made which is supposedly going to be just as incredible as the IOWA artwork. And just the same as the artwork, Marketing Matt quips "I can't tell you anything about it." Back to the poster, though you cannot buy it, in the months to come you will be seeing it in retail record stores...perform your own shake down for your own copy... 4 - Slipknot is currently on the road - playing Ozzfest and doing one-off dates with other Ozzfest acts. See Slipknot's TOUR DATES for a show near you.