Folks, this would usually be ARTIST page news (not here on the front page), but I do believe this is in a league all alone and deserves a front page announcement... I just received an email in regards to a Carnivore website (featuring Peter Steele of Type O Negative). You have to see is actually great! Old photos, post-Carnivore member photos (gotta see Keith), history, interviews, gig history, and more additions to come soon. It is very complete. This is the first site on the band I have ever seen...the site just went live earlier this month. You must check it out. Go to Carnivore's LINKS section and click (only link there!). Is this one of a kind? Are there other sites out there? Will someone prove me wrong? Check it out! And while you are at it, check out the Carnivore Remasters which were just released last month. Special thanks go out to the creator of this site, Wolfheart. Hey, and of course special thanks go out to all of you who have created fan sites for whatever band that may be!