reviewed Cavalera Conspiracy's debut album, Inflikted which hit stores on March 25th.

"On the stellar Inflikted (2008), an expertly assembled eleven song collection of scathing, Politically-charged Heavy Metal, each track, beginning with the searing, bloodstained ‘modus operandi..“Sanctuary”, and the sublimely thunderous “Dark Ark”, instantly engulfs even the most seasoned of listeners amid a virtual sonic avalanche of near-epic proportions. Effortlessly swaggering through a carefully chosen--if not oddly contrived--collection of frequently full-throttle material that is as devastatingly punishing as it is initially memorable, the group gleefully pounds their few unsuspecting oppressors (i.e. anyone still openly embracing the sonic train wreck that has become Sepultura) into an almost hypnotic submission with a sickening ease. The ringing in your ears? The stiffness in your neck? Don’tworry. It will eventually go away…I think."

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