Heavy Metal Editor Chad Bowar did an interview with Max Cavalera of Cavalera Conspiracy which was posted on About.com. Max answered questions about getting reunited with his brother Iggor, deciding on guitarist Marc Rizzo and bassist Joe Duplantier, bringing in Rex Brown (Down, Pantera) to play on a track, his stepson Ritchie being on the cd, and much more.

Check out this interview here.

Then read what Chad had to say about Inflikted:

"Inflikted blends elements of Sepultura, Soulfly and the Cavaleras' punk rock and hardcore roots. The songs have great thrash riffs and solos, and Rizzo really shines. There's also a ton of groove, and some progressive elements on a couple of the tracks. From straightforward pummeling death metal to more complex and technical songs, Cavalera Conspiracy hits on all cylinders."

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