The following words come courtesy of Kirsten, Roadrunner's webmistress in the UK. It's all about the Ill Nino show with Machine Head this past weekend which we mentioned previously on the site, the show which was recorded (future use tbd). Kirsten's recap is as follows: Did you catch the band at their recent London Brixton show with Machine Head? If you did, then you may already know that the band spent nearly 2 hours hanging out at the merch stand chatting to anyone and everyone, and signing many an autograph to boot. They must of made some new friends, coz they sold out of every single piece of merchandise they had with them, and some fans were still clamoring for more... Some of the band have shorter hair having not escaped from fans bearing scissors... New band bud Felicity (Flic), who skipped watching the Head to keep hanging with the Ninos, was declaring she was going to marry more than one person in the band, putting Roger (Mr. Return To The Hood) in the Best Man position, and myself as bridesmaid... you heard it here first. Bodies were bared, and duly signed, and photos were taken as evidence. You'll be able to see these photos and live ones from the show here soon. Not wanting to disappoint anyone, the band stayed in the lobby signing and posing for photos even after the show ended and thousands piled out...and upon spotting the Nino guys hanging around, the flood of people leaving the venue slowed to a crawl as more fans joined the merry throng! So much so, security were overheard wishing the band hadn't been so good, so they could go home! When all managed to make the after show party, some band members instead of diving into the free bar were still trying to do interviews (not easy in a room full of party people with a free bar to exploit) with foreign fans - now there's dedication! As for exploiting the free bar, we hear rumors of a security guard, a headlock, and a band member, but what's an aftershow without a little rock 'n' roll??? words of wisdom Kirsten...words of wisdom indeed. Thank You. And Kirsten, if you are reading this, whatever happened to the 2:00 call from Roger this afternoon for the next installment of Mr. Roger's Return To The Hood? Hmmmm? Naughty, Naughty...tsk, tsk , tsk... debut Ill Nino release Revolution...Revolucion in stores now