So, another 'cheers' goes out to Nickelback - for the first time, the single "Too Bad" is #1 (with a bullet, of course) on the Active Rock charts. Congratulations. Did You Know? It took 19 weeks for "Too Bad" to reach the #1 spot on this radio chart. That being said, 19 weeks ties the record for the longest time taken to get to #1 at that format. True. Only three other acts hold the esteemed distinction of taking 19 weeks to hit #1. They are Rob Zombie ("Living Dead Girl"), Papa Roach ("Last Resort"), and lastly, Creed ("My Own Prison"). In other Nickelback news, gear up to get your chat next week on Tuesday (04/09), guitarist Ryan Peake and bassist Mike Kroeger will be part of a chat taking place at USA Today online. The chat should be starting around 7:00pm EST, and will most likely last about a half hour. You will need to hit up THIS LINK to submit your questions. (note: as this is being written, there is no mention of the NB chat up in that link just will be put up as April 9th draws closer.) And to the boys in the band, break a leg. (it's all cool, tonight is the first night of their return to the road in the US, the MTV Campus Invasion Tour - see TOUR section for dates and details).