Lyric writing is never easy. Sometimes you need some help. We thought that The Wombats might appreciate our little tool that helps fans re-engineer the lyrics to "Let's Dance To Joy Division" in some weird and colourful ways. It also doubles up as a personality test, provided you don't mind comparing yourself to a sex toy. Not sure what we are talking about? Why not head to and have some fun with The Wombats Madlib game. You can share the Madlib with your friends using the easy Clearspring "wrapper" at the bottom, as well as embed the game on your own personal homepage You can also save your answers, vote on the results of other players and we will be submitting the best ones to the fellas themselves. They've told us that they might knock out a few 'alternative versions' of "Joy Division" based on your answers, so there is another incentive to go and mess around  with it!!