Earlier this week we let you know exactly where the upcoming Chimaira debut stood in terms of the actual, physical recording of the album. Here is another look at the effort... - Chimaira will be recording 16 or 17 tracks in total, the exact number has yet to be determined. - as reported earlier, they are re-recording the Cure's "Fascination Street". It is a bit different from their earlier cover of this track. It is undecided if this will be on the album, or if it will end up being used as a b-side. - speaking of re-recording, Chimaira will also be doing "Sphere" and "Painting The White To Grey" once again. The above two tracks were actually on their self released EP which the band put out in Jan 2000. As with "Fascination Street", these 2 tracks could be on the album or they could wind up as b-sides. - song titles - currently there are 3 untitled songs that the band is recording. Titles will be given once Mark finishes recording the vocals. Two other tracks have tentative titles - they are "Abeo" and "Lump". Other titles are as follows - "Forced Life", "Without Moral Restraint", "Pass Out Of Existence", and "Jade". - interesting fact - upon asking lead singer Mark which song the band was most excited about the outcome, he answered "Jade". The demo of this track clocked in at 3 minutes. Now the song is more than 12 minutes. "And it might end up being longer," tells Mark.