A rare day off for Chimaira, as they are currently on the road with Factory 81 and labelmates Ill Nino. All six Chimaira members stopped by the Roadrunner office today (08/24), as they are in town before their show tomorrow night in Jersey. We sang, we played twister, we even rolled yarn...a fantastic afternoon was had by all... Just kidding about the activities. Cool thing, we got the check out some video footage they had of their show in Cleveland earlier this week (08/21), got to see all hell breaking loose at the end of the show when cats from the crowd jumped on stage...someone even knocked Jim down to the ground! Pretty cool, we'll do our best to get you to see it. Got to snap a couple shots of the band too - Check them out HERE (personal favorite is the 3rd one in, Jim with Phil (from Dry Kill Logic who stopped by for a bit) in the infamous Roadrunner smoking lounge). Anyway, a message from Chimaira guitarist Matt DeVries: What's up everyone? Matt from Chimaira here. Right now we are at Roadrunner hangin out on our day off, meeting everyone in person that we are used to talking to on the phone. Everything is going well. Tomorrow we hit Jersey and are psyched to play with 40 Below Summer and Ill Nino in their hometown. Sorry again to the fans in Allentown, PA for missing the show. We promise to be back soon when we have more dependable transportation. That's all I can think of to say, so stay metal, and we will see you on the road soon! Hey, rumor has it Chimaira frontman Mark Hunter is on a mission, and is currently 25 days into that mission - vows not to cut hair or shave indefinitely... What else can be said right now, ceptin' TO THE BAR!