As this is being written (7:00pm EST 10/09), Chimaira is currently driving on 'the' 5 headed towards Santa Ana, CA for tonight's show at the Galaxy Concert Theatre. interesting fact - the Galaxy Concert Theatre actually happens to be a dinner Theatre too. Word is that the doors open at 6:00pm, and that from 6:00pm to 8:00pm you can actually sit and eat dinner. Oh, our tour coordinator here, Veronica, tells to watch out for the Road Rage meatloaf (ha..ha..ha...not really funny)... In addition to the 'meatloaf' comment, Veronica tells that all four bands (Fear Factory, Machine Head, Chimaira, Ill Nino) on the Road Rage tour are getting along "swimmingly". After speaking with Chimaira's vocalist Mark Hunter moments ago, he relays the same, ceptin for the fact he didn't use the word "swimmingly". So, twas a week ago today that Chimaira's debut Pass Out Of Existence hit the stores. What has been going on in that time? Touring, touring, touring... Mark tells the band is having a great time and enjoying the ride. At the Smoke Out show on 10/06 in LA (bands such as Fear Factory, Deftones, Cypress Hill, NoFx, Ill Nino, Machine Head, Chimaira & more on the bill) word is that Chimaira was the first band to garner a mosh pit...and they were probably the 14th band to play that day... Last night (10/08) whilst Nickelback was playing on The Tonight Show, Chimaira was hangin out the infamous Rainbow Room in LA with Dino (Fear Factory), Steef (Deftones), B-Real, and others. They actually had a Vince Neil sighting at the club. It's true. For those of you who don't know (though you should), Vince Neil was the singer for Motley Crue. Word is that Vince's wheels were a Lamborghini truck AND that he was with a gorgeous blond chick...c'mon now, would you possibly have expected anything less??? Amongst their travels today (10/09), Chimaira stopped by and visited Spineshank in LA at their rehearsal room (Spineshank is currently writing material for their third release). Anyway, if this story gets any longer, tonight's show will have come and gone... So, to the boys in Chimaira and the rest of the Road Rage acts, have a great one tonight. Chimaira debut Pass Out Of Existence in stores now For a detailed listing of Chimaira tour dates, search our TOUR section And if you have yet to do so, check out the Chimaira player (trust us, you am gonna love it...)