Where does the recording of PASS OUT OF EXISTENCE stand now? When we last updated this project, it was told that the actual recording of the instruments and vocals have been completed, and that mixing would start on April 30th. Well, we were true to our word. Today (05/07) marks the start of the second week of mixing. Thus far Mark and Rob from Chimaira and producer/mixer Mudrock have been averaging a song a day. You can do the math, but we'll tell you that 6 songs have been mixed to date. They are as follows - "Dead Inside" "Let Go" "Without Moral Restraint" "Forced Life" "Split" (previously untitled) "Options" Today (05/07) will bring the mix for the title track, "Pass Out Of Existence". Mark tells that they should be finished mixing within one and a half weeks. OTHER CHIMAIRA GOODS - check out Chimaira's Photo Gallery here on the Roadrunner site - just added some new pics of the band from their time in the studio, as well as from their interview at Rockline. ALSO, check out Chimaira's Website for a letter from Mark Hunter. What do you want to know? Odds are he covered it in his message. Still want to know more? Keep your eye out on the Roadrunner website here for a Q&A session with Chimaira.